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Our server time: Sunday 20th of October 2019 23:09:26;
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Chronos NA online0/000.155s45 minutes ago
Magmeld NA offline0/000s2 hours ago
Naia NA online0/000.155s2 hours ago
Shilen NA offline0/000s19 minutes ago
Bartz NA offline0/000s10 hours ago
Test NA offline0/000sjust now
Zaken NA offline0/000s7 hours ago
Freya NA offline0/000s9 hours ago
Login server : online (ping 0.157s; updated 9 minutes ago)

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not working? write to: vagiz[at]kaifas[dot]lt

Since 15th May 2019 I'm unable to get any stats from NCSoft servers. The method I was using is not working anymore.
This webpage is now obsolete and will be deleted in the future. Drop an email to me if you know how to extract online user staUs and happy to share with me.

To avoid DoS/DDoS - memcache enabled for 20 seconds